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Out of Field Teachers

The following teachers are certified by the state of Florida to teach.  They are working to add the appropriate area(s) of certification to be considered In Field.  In the meantime, we are required to report them as ‘Out of Field’

TEACHER NAME                  OUT OF FIELD AREA                 CERTIFICATION    

Mahlan, Kyle                      Middle Grades Science 6-9         Chemistry 6-12

Short, Sarah                       Middle Grades Integrated 6-9    English 6-12

Falconer, NeShawn            Athletic Coaching                       ESE K-12

Carl, Amanda                     Social Science                             School Counseling Pk-12

Pfriem, Kathleen               Math 9-12                                    ESE Access

Beck, Thomas                    Reading                                       ESOL

Hutchinson, Luke              ESE, PE, Health                            Math 6-12