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Parent & Family Resources

Dian (Dee Dee) Kirby, Family/School Liaison

Umatilla High School



Parent Engagement Center Hours

Mon – Fri - 7:30 am - 2:30 pm

Lunch (30 minutes, flexible/day)


·      Assist Administration and teachers as needed

·      Meet with parents in Parent Engagement Center to discuss available resources & check out resources.  Help parents with forms and other community resources.

·      Telephone communication with parents with concerns of their child(ren).  Keep log of teacher communications with parents.

·      Attend parent/teacher conferences (as needed)

·      Assist parents and students with their personal needs at UHS Engagement Center (School Supplies, Personal Hygiene, Clothes, Food and Community Resources)

·      Meet with Social Worker

·      Attend FSL monthly meetings/PD meetings and Title 1 Conference

·      Plan and host Parent Involvement Meetings and other workshops

·      Assist in Parent Involvement activities in the school

·      Run and upkeep food pantry and clothing pantry

·      Input parent contacts on Contact Spreadsheet

·      Upkeep of our Engagement Center to include school supplies

·      Maintain or help maintain compliance folder

·      Work with community to get resources for UHS students