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Welcome Parents/Guardians!

We appreciate your support. Meetings are held Once a month.

Latest News:

New AI SFC Smith


Must be approved by Lake County Schools.  We prefer Level 2 but most of our trips Level 1 will be OK.  To become a volunteer visit this site:





We need parents to help transport equipment to events.



Parents are involved in preparing and serving food.



Our goal:  That no cadet has to pay for any event except for purchasing of snacks.  We can not operate the program without funds from fundraisers.  The cost of an event can be expensive.  The cost of a bus, entry fees, and food can be more than $750 for a Raiders meet and $1500 for a drill meet.  Bus costs are expensive. Therefore, parents' transportation is greatly desired and appreciated.



Cadets must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to participate on teams.  Cadets participating on teams must meet a higher grooming standards than for the class (Hair, nails, piercings, etc.)

Welcome to UHS Army JROTC


Mailing Address:  320 N. Trowell Ave., Umatilla, Florida 32784

Physical Location:  Old PreK Building at 60 Smith Street between Hwy 19 and Trowell Ave.

Phone Numbers:  LTC Nevarez Cell: (772) 475-6885 Work: (352) 669-3599

Email:  LTC Nevarez -

 About UHS Army JROTC 

Our program was established in 2011 through the efforts of businessman Mr. Carl Ludeke, Principal Mike Elchenko, and Assistant Principal Ryan Strem.

Initially, cadets wore the Army green Class A uniform.  We created a Bulldog patch for wear on the sleeve.  Now cadets wear the Army Service Uniform (Dark Blue coat and light blue trousers/slacks).  The Army no longer allows us to place patches on our uniforms.

Cadets also wear our unit crest.  This was also created for our unit.  The crest is in the school colors of Black and Orange.  The compass symbolizes direction and is used here to indicate our program’s mission:  To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens; in other words to point them in the right direction.  The words Unity, Honor, and Service reflect our sense of family, doing the right thing, and to serve others.  The initials spell:  UHS. 

UHS Cadet Information


Training Schedule:

Monday - Academics

Tuesday - Academics

Wednesday - Uniform Wear, ACT/SAT, Drill

Thursday - Service Learning/Uniform Makeup/Academic Makeup

Friday - Physical Training (Unit T-shirt)

Uniform Photos:

Battalion Command and Staff:

Battalion Commander - Cadet LTC Kierra Wilken

SPO-Cadet LTC Jacob Morin

Battalion Executive Officer - Cadet LTC Jacob Morin

Battalion Command Sergeant Major - Cadet CSM Connor Strew

S1 - Cadet CPT Melanie Skelton

S1 Asst.-Cadet CPL Samuel Solomon

S2 - Cadet CPT Garrett Loeser

S2 Asst. -  Cadet SGT Christian Fleming

S3 - Cadet MAJ Andrew Casares

S3 Asst -  Cadet  2LT Hunter Casares

S4 - Cadet CPT Ashley Kowalski

S4 Asst - Cadet 2LT Angel Eutimio

S5 - Cadet CPT Zandra Harrison

S5 Asst - Cadet SGT Kellen Scribner

S6 - Cadet CPT Timothy Dyer

S6 Asst. - Cadet CPL Cerry  Wade


A Company

Commander - Cadet CPT Mia Lowery

1SG -  Cadet 1SG Melanie Cornish


B Company

Commander - CPT Alexa Swavely

1SG -Cadet 1SG Malea Stingley

Our first two instructors were LTC Chuck Minyard and 1SG Ronnie McCullough.  1SG McCullough retired in 2019 and was replaced by SFC Jose Negron.  LTC Minyard retired in 2020 and was replaced by LTC Al Nevarez.


Here’s what the patch looked like:



Our unit crest:


Upcoming events:

JCLC 3/22
Museum CG 4/4
Award ceremony 4/5
Moose lodge 4/7
MOAA 4/12
State drill comp 4/13
JPA 4/14


Cadet Handbook :

Google Doc File

2019/20 Cadet Handbook

PDF File

2019/20 Cadet Handbook