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Sport Physical Information

Visit the following website to upload your sport physical information!

Sport Physical Website

Download Sport Physical Papers Here! (Physical & Insurance Forms)

COVID 19 Form (download & print)


After a physical exam is performed by the appropriate health care provider, the following information along with other documents must be uploaded to

  1. Go to
  2. Select Florida
  3. If you already have an account, log in. If you do not have an account, register and then log in.
  4. Select start clearance here:
    1. Select 2019-2020 under year
    2. Select Umatilla (Section 2)
    3. Select which sport you are currently trying out for
      1. If you are playing multiple sports, you can add them all at the end
  5. Fill out student information
  6. Upload the required documents under the following sections
    1. Page 1 of EL2 physical form – physical form
    2. Page 2 of EL2 form – concussion/baseline certification
    3. Birth Certificate – additional form
    4. Insurance card – proof of insurance

*Uploading the documents can be done in a variety of ways. Examples are taking pictures with a cell phone, using a scanning application on a cell phone (ex. CAM scanner, Genius Scan), or using a scanner.

**Not knowing how is not an excuse for not doing this step. Please ask questions if you need help.

  1. Fill out medical history
  2. Fill out parent/guardian
  3. Fill out signatures
    1. Make sure to place the correct signatures in the appropriate boxes (parents name = parent signature & students name = student signature).
  4. Select all sports that you intend on trying out for!!!!