Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Dress Code & Cell Phone Policies

1.      Dress Code:

        a.      Expectations

             i.      Nothing less than sleeveless

            ii.      No midriff showing

           iii.      No holes in inappropriate areas

           iv.      No underwear showing

           v.      Shorts – okay unless deemed too short by administration

          vi.      Modesty is Key

         vii.      Hats – No hats inside the building at any time (cafeteria, halls, classrooms, etc.)

       b.      Failure to follow dress code:

           i.      Ask student to go to the office to be checked

          ii.      Administration will make a decision

         iii.      Student will return to class in different clothes or with a pass

2.      Dress Code Adults:  Adults are expected to dress professionally AND never less than students.

3.      Cell Phone Policy:

        a.      Students are allowed to use cell phones

            i.      At lunch

           ii.      Between Classes

          iii.      Before & After School

           iv.      Never allowed in the classroom.  Cell phones must be silenced and put away.

1.      Procedures:

         a.      Teach students to put their cell phones away

         b.      Do not get in a struggle with students

2.      Classroom Consequences for Violations:

         a.      Warning

         b.      Ask student to put their cell phone in cell phone jail – they will get it back at the end of class.

         c.     Ask student to put their cell phone in cell phone jail – they will get it back at the end of class.  Make parent contact letting parents know it is becoming defiance and could result in a discipline referral.

        d.      At the point a referral is written:

             i.      Parent Contact – student picks up at end of the day

            ii.      Parent Contact – parent must pick up in the front office

           iii.      Parent Contact – student is no longer allowed to carry on campus.  Must turn it in to the office each morning and pick up each afternoon.

           iv.      Defiance - Discipline consequences, Parent Contact, no longer allowed to bring on campus.

            v.      Continued Defiance Consequences.